Wednesday, 13 April 2011

The beginning (blogger).

After so much thought on starting a blog and even more on what exactly to write in it, here I am.
Well here goes. I have always thought of myself as an avid reader. Though I started off a bit late (9th std actually), I have fancied myself as this guy-who-reads-anything-he-can-lay-his-hands-upon. Weather this craze was because of the lack of any other source of entertainment in my stupid hostel in school, or that I was fortunate enough come across various great books when I started reading beyond Enid Blyton, I have no idea.
The actual motivation for this blog came when I realised a few weeks back that I had forgotten all about a few really good books I had read in my school days. Though this is a good thing, for I get to read all those awesome books with a fresh perspective again :D, I realised the need for some kind of documentation of books that I read.
Also, my reading enthu had been steadily going down over the first 3 semesters. Luckily, I got this humanities elective as a course in fiction this semester that actually made me take up reading a lot of novels again. This time, I have taken up the resolution of completing a book every two weeks and write down whatever comes to my mind about that here. I figured I would be able to complete around 40 pages a day and so any book with around 500 pages would take 2 weeks.
Mind, don't expect critical reviews of any books here, for frankly I dunno what they are, although I am supposed to have done that for two novels in my course so far (rhyme was totally unintentional, I am NOT a rapper. (Well I am NOT automata either for that matter)). Whatever I write here are just my views, feelings and mostly ramblings about some book. Again, it would be really awesome if someone out there has either read the book or will read with me so that we can have discussions and debates later on.
Lastly, I came across this list of top hundred books of all times released recently(?) by BBC. Apparently, an average person has read opnly 6 of these. I intend to read every book on this list, well atleast everything in it except the Bible, before I pass out of this institute. Lets see how far I can get with that.
Well, thats the way I would like things to be in near future. Hope I am actually able to achieve this without being abducted forever into the horrible horrible land of assignments and coursework hidden somewhere in the CS Dept of IITM.
So long.

PS: About the title of the blog, it is inspired from G G Marquez's "the handsomest drowned man in the world" - One of the most awesomest short stories I have come across. Though not the type of story you would like if you look for a plot. I will probably ramble about it and Marquez in one of my future posts.